Wednesday, December 26, 2007

I look back in best memory of 2007 is traveling in Italy with my friend in September. [Before traveling I worked hard to earn a trip cost. I've worked part-time as a teacher at juku school(supplementary private school). During summer vacation our juku school had many training course, so I gave a lot of opportunities to face students. Our juku school have teaching on a man-to-man style. I could see a variety of students and could also have conversation each other. I think not only students but also I could grow up. I'm very lucky to find a good job which is highly paid and give chances to grow up. ]

well...after I got money I went on a trip. I want to visit to Venice again in my life! Of caouse both Florence and Milan are wonderful cities. In Florence we went to the Uffizi museum and looked at pictures of Botticelli, of Raffaello etc."Spring"by Botticelli was larger than I thought and I felt perspective. In Milan we enjoyed shopping!Especially we liked via Torino.There were cheap and cute shoes shops on the Torino street...However Venice is the best city for me. The structure of Venice is like maze and fairyland.
The followings were a part of pictures in Venice.
A lot of pigeons in front of Basilica di San Marco.
The view from Campanile di SanMarco before sunset was very beautiful.This picture is my favorite.It is a desk-top of my PC.

Like mysterious thief...笑 There are many mask shops in Venice!


2008 is coming soon...
とりあえずMy goal of 2008・・・
*Pass tests(Book-keeping examination 3-kyu, TOEIC more than 730, and French examination 2-kyu)
**Make good use of all year around.
***Upload my blog more often. がんばりたい^^


Sunday, September 23, 2007


I haven't seen you for a long time...

I traveled in Italy with my friend! We didn't take part in a tour, so we went by ourselves from 3 Sep. to 10 Sep. We went around 3 cities, Florence, Venice, and Milan. It was so cool differently from Japan. A lot of things happened during our travel...

From Japan to Italy is very far, so we had to ride on the plane for about 13 hours. But we didn't feel so long because my friend and I were absorbed in playing game "Soritia" listening to music.(I mainly listened to Gallery - Mario Vazquez ) Do you know "Soritia"? It is so difficult card game for us. We tried a lot of times and cleared it only one time^^;However a woman next to us cleared it in the first time. We were surprised笑 During on the Air France a steward gave us little wine bottles though we said that didn't it. I drunk it unwillingly and my friend got off with the wine bottle in her bag. We transfered at Paris cdg and had to go through the checkpoint. I could go through easily but my friend was stopped at the checkpoint because bringing something to liquid is prohibitation, so the wine bottle from the steward was picked up笑

I'll tell you more stories in Italy in the next time...

Pictures in Italy

Ciao ciao!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

A few days have passed since school began. Every day I'm busy because my house is so far from my school and I have to do my homework:( Then afer school I go to driving school or I work part-time job. Sometimes I feel tired but I spend days enjoyablly:)

By the way I want to put some pictures.It's one of my memories in summer♪

I wore Furisode for Seijin shiki. It is the most formal kimono for single women, and made of very fine, brightly colored silk. Furisode are distinguishable by their long sleeves, and the name literally translates as swinging (furi) sleeves (sode) - these sleeves average between 39 and 42 inches in length.

Seijin shiki (成人式) is the Japanese coming-of-age ceremony. It is held annually on Coming-of-Age Day (成人の日, seijin no hi), the second Monday in January. Maybe you think why did I wear Furisode in September!? If I wear Furisode on Coming-of-Age Day and go to Photo studio,I can't get memorial pictures because Photo studio is very crowded that day!That is the reason why I wore it in summer.

Anyway Kimono is sooo tight^^;but it is beautiful and vivid.I like Kimono:)

Friday, September 15, 2006

My mother's friend asked me to go to a cooking school in Hiroo.Of course I like eating,and also like cooking!I was glad to go to there.Most cooking schools in Japan have Japanese cooking teacher,but this school is not.Teachers in this school are peopel from another country.And every time a teacher changes.My cooking teacher of this time is Australian.Her name is Lisa.She is so beautiful.She sometimes comes on a TV commercial^^
We cooked Australian food"Toad in the hole"Lisa taught us how to cook it in English.It's hard for me to listen to because Her English is very fast.But I think that it is good opportunity for listening English.

"Toad~"was yummy.Someday I wanna cook it again~:)

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Everyday I go to a driving school to get a license.Driving is difficult for me because roads are so narrow and there are many traffic signs in Japan^^; In the second picture,there are some signals in the textbook. Driving teacher said that in three counties-Japan,Switzerland,and・・・sorry,I forget.Maybe European country- getting a driving license is very tough:(

These are pictures of MOS BURGER.Sometimes I have lunch at MOS BURGER.Probably MOS BURGER is a fast-food restaurant chain that originated in Japan.Beverages are served in transparent glasses instead of paperboard cups. Most of the products listed upon its menu, including hamburgers and french fries, are made with fresh ingredients after the customer has ordered. The prices are higher than McDonald's.But,I think MOS BURGER is better than MsDonald's.Anyway the taste of MOS is gooood!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

I went to a piano concert.I heard a lot of wonderful piano music!A man in the picture is Ryoma Takagi.He is a great pianist.In this concert he played Chopin"Ballade"No.1Op.23,"Revolutionary"Op.10,and Liszt"Tarantella"(Venezia e Napoli,S.162-no.3)Chopin"Ballade"No.1 is one of the most favorite piano music!I was impressed.

Ryoma Takagi was born at Chiba City in Japan at 13, November 1992. He got first elementary education of absolute pitch and the others musical training from his mother from when he was 2 years old, and he was started to study piano performing at 5 years old. On account of that he was excellence in the music classroom which his parents manages, he was taking lesson in real earnest from Professor Elena Ashkenazy of the former teacher of his mother from 7 years old to up to the present. The first prize winner in 2000 at "Chiba Music Competition" under 7 years category, and in 2001 at "Japan TCHAIKOVSKY Competition" under 11 years category. The second place in 2002 at "A.D.ARTOBOLEVSKAYA Open Moscow for the young pianists" under 10 years category.
In August 2003, he participated in "Summer Music Festival at Burg Feistritz" in Austria. Schumann "Abegg-Variation" which was played here got the highest praise from Professor Ilya Grubert who is violin performing artist and professor at the Amsterdam Conservatory and first prize winner of the PAGANINI and the TCHAIKOVSKY Competitions (1978). In November 2003 he got first prize winner at "G. NEUHAUS Festival of Young Pianists in Moscow" junior category (under 12 years). In this time he was invited concert by Professor Albert Tarakanov and Professor Valery Voskoboynikov who were the jury of this Competition.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Yesterday I went to Azabu-juban Festival(麻布十番祭り) with my friends. Azabu-juban Festival is one of the most famous festival in Japan. Thousands of people crowded the festival☆There were a lot of stalls. For example Banana Chocolate,Yakisoba,Butter Potatos,burned squid・・・

In the second picture,we were eating a shaved ice with green tea syrup and adzuki.It's so nice!In summer nothing is better than a shaved ice :-)

We wore Yukata!Yukata is Japanese traditional clothes. Mainly people wear Yukata in summer.Yukata is more casual than Kimono.