Wednesday, December 26, 2007

I look back in best memory of 2007 is traveling in Italy with my friend in September. [Before traveling I worked hard to earn a trip cost. I've worked part-time as a teacher at juku school(supplementary private school). During summer vacation our juku school had many training course, so I gave a lot of opportunities to face students. Our juku school have teaching on a man-to-man style. I could see a variety of students and could also have conversation each other. I think not only students but also I could grow up. I'm very lucky to find a good job which is highly paid and give chances to grow up. ]

well...after I got money I went on a trip. I want to visit to Venice again in my life! Of caouse both Florence and Milan are wonderful cities. In Florence we went to the Uffizi museum and looked at pictures of Botticelli, of Raffaello etc."Spring"by Botticelli was larger than I thought and I felt perspective. In Milan we enjoyed shopping!Especially we liked via Torino.There were cheap and cute shoes shops on the Torino street...However Venice is the best city for me. The structure of Venice is like maze and fairyland.
The followings were a part of pictures in Venice.
A lot of pigeons in front of Basilica di San Marco.
The view from Campanile di SanMarco before sunset was very beautiful.This picture is my favorite.It is a desk-top of my PC.

Like mysterious thief...笑 There are many mask shops in Venice!


2008 is coming soon...
とりあえずMy goal of 2008・・・
*Pass tests(Book-keeping examination 3-kyu, TOEIC more than 730, and French examination 2-kyu)
**Make good use of all year around.
***Upload my blog more often. がんばりたい^^